There is never a bad idea
Something I’ve been told throughout my career. But what happens to all those ideas and creativity left on the cutting room floor. There always seem to be projects now and again where some of the more fun ideas or concepts pushing the creative boundaries don’t get chosen. Whether a better idea evolved, budget prohibited the development or it was just way to whacky for the client.

This is a collection of past work in progress, creative concept ideas or design thinking which either never quite made the cut and are now lost in the digital archives for eternity.
Creative concept gif's created from 2D images visualizing the evolution of Telus Optik TV app.
Logo design for a web development and social media company out of Vancouver BC.
Below is the creative visual design concepts for UBC Robson Square Community Report 2019. The first concept was chosen.
A collection of conceptual postcard ideas promoting Audi around the festive period which for a lot of people along the coastline involved driving to the beach.
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