2016 Honda Celebration of LightUsing the British Columbia Honda brand platform ‘Find Your Honda Place’ with the vehicle focus being 2016 Civic, Civic Coupe & 2017 Ridgeline we invited people to come find where their Honda place might be. Surrounding each feature vehicle with props and elements that would attract the attendees eyes and instantly tell the fun story of each car’s features and how it relates to British Columbia backed up my information signage and magnetic vehicle decals.
2015 Honda Celebration of LightTo promote the segment defining 2016 HR-V, we transformed the street area into an exciting and playful hybrid of both urban- and rural-inspired adventures and interactions. Splitting not only the turf but also the scrim backdrop gave a visual reflection of what the HR-V personality was all about. Perfect for city life and easily used to escape into the back country. Using competitions, DJ music, and bright area visuals to invite attendees to get involved and find more out for themselves.

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