Bringing Babylon back to school
With Babylon by TELUS Health, there's a new way to access healthcare, where and when you need it.

 For many post-secondary students, September means moving away from home and having to take care of themselves for the first time. The brief focused on developing creative communications in the form of campus and transit signage to promote the Babylon app to this large demographic.. 
Faculty Fun

Let’s create faculty-specific posters, and work with the uni's to put them up inside
the relevant spaces, both as paid placements and in a more wild postings-style; on bulletin boards, as printouts in hallways etc.

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words. So let’s allow emojis to say all the things we might not specifically want to. 
We’ll place playful posters in relevant locations (restobars in bathrooms, printouts in gyms etc.) to show that Babylon is your go-to app for all sorts of situations.
Doctors without boundaries.

Dorms across Vancouver will soon be enjoying Babylon themed cards at their next party, with this medical-themed expansion for that popular card game. Filled with tongue-in-cheek content and reasons to use Babylon, the cards are all rounded out by a CTA that reminds people healthcare is no game.
OOH & Transit wrap
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